collective artist application

Below is an excerpt from the SECC bylaws about membership and the process for joining. There are two types of memberships in the SECC: Website Artists and Collective Artists. Outlined in #1 are the responsibilities and opportunities for each. The application process for joining is outlined in #2. Please read this thoroughly. If you have further questions contact Lauren at sociallyengagedcraftcollective(at) We look forward to receiving your application and expanding our community.


III. Membership and Process for Joining

1. Membership – There are two types of membership:

A. Website Artists are featured on the SECC website because of the quality and pertinence of their work, and:
1) Pay an annual member fee.
2) Provide materials for their website profile. (This includes: biography, current location, resume/cv, 6 images, image descriptions, website, social media handles.)
3) Update their profile once a year.

Website Artists will be given the following opportunities:
1) Representation on website.
2) Consideration for inclusion in SECC events and shows. The option to participate in special projects.
3) Option to apply to be a collective artist if interested in the future.

B. Collective Artists actively participate in planning and execution of collective activities and steer the direction of the organization and:
1) Pay an annual member fee.
2) Take on the “bottom-liner” role on one committee or project over the course of a year.
3) Actively participate (not bottom-lining) in at least one committees/roles over the course of the year.
4) Participating in a minimum of 3 quarterly meetings a year.
5) Vote on the acceptance of new member applications.

Collective Artists will have the following opportunities:
1) First priority to be included in collective exhibitions and events.
2) Involvement in the shaping of the collective.
3) Involvement in collective retreats.
4) Ability to plan/suggest collective projects.
5) Intangible benefits such as inclusion on private FB group, support, feedback, online monthly socials, and community.

2. Process for Joining:

1. To apply for either type of membership, please submit:
* CV
* 250-500 word artist statement or description of practice
* 10 images/videos/audio files
* Indicate if you are applying to be a Website Artist or Collective Artist
* If applying to be a Collective Artist, include a 250-500 word statement about 1. why you want to be an active part of the SECC and 2. what committees you are excited to contribute your strengths to. Committees include: Fundraising and Finance, Exhibition, Website, Communications, Social Media, Blog, Special Projects and Outreach, Membership & Recruitment, and Design. For more information on the role of these committees read the SECC bylaws.

Submission Guidelines:
Place application materials in a Google Drive folder titled with your name (last, first) and share it with sociallyengagedcraftcollective(at) The Membership & Recruitment Committee will be in touch after the following quarterly meeting.

2. The entire collective will review incoming applications before the next quarterly meeting. A ¾ majority is needed to accept the applicant.

3. If accepted for either type of membership, dues must be paid by the incoming member. As of 4/23/17 dues are $40 per member per year.

4. If accepted for either type of membership, artist’s profile will be added to the SECC website and will be updated once a year. Website Artists have completed the membership process.

5. If the applicant has indicated an interest in becoming a Collective Artist the Membership & Recruitment Committee will contact the applicant to discuss what committee(s) they would like to participate in. They will facilitate an introduction to the bottom-liner of the committee(s) of interest and will participate in all committee happenings.

6. The applicant will attend two quarterly meetings and continue to participate and find their role in committees. After the second quarterly meeting, the Membership & Recruitment Committee will facilitate a Survey Monkey where all Collective Artists anonymously vote, with a ¾ majority needed, to accept the applicant as a Collective Artist. New Collective Artists will take on the roll as bottom-liner in at least one committee, have earned the right to vote during quarterly meetings, and will be given access to the G-Drive.