British Council Arts and Social Practice Fellowship
The Arts and Social Practice Fellowship is a reciprocal exchange program with our US partners offering fellowship grants to socially-engaged artists in the US and UK. Fellows are offered residencies of 2-3 weeks with host organizations in the US and the UK. Each residency is self-determined by the artist whose practice involves public interaction and addresses contemporary social issues through the lens of arts and culture.
Due: September 28
When: within March-May 2017
What do you need: 5 work samples, application, 1-2 letters of rec, budget, resume

DO GOOD-MJ Wood Memorial Short-Term Residency
Red Lodge Clay Center
Red Lodge, MT
Due: May 1
When: 1 month September-May
What do you need: 5-10 images, residency proposal letter stating what you plan on accomplishing during your stay at RLCC, proposed dates, artist statement, CV, 3 references

SLV Social Practice Arts Residency
Adams State University
Alamosa, CO
Due: March 17, 2019
When: 3 Sessions between Sept 2019 – Dec 2020
Contact: Leslie Macklin

The inaugural session of the SLV Social Practice Arts Residency will commence in the fall of 2019 and run through November 2020. We adopt the Alliance of Artist Communities’ definition of a social-practice residency as a program that primarily enables artists to engage in community-based work in significant ways throughout a residency. A social practice program necessitates residence because active community engagement and collaboration, and a local investment over time, are essential to deepen connections and address complex social issues in our region. The selected artists will be scheduled for 1 – 5 month residencies aligned with the university semesters. This will allow the guest artists the maximum benefit of university resources, such as facilities and student assistance, during their visit.

Alamosa, Colorado and ASU will serve as the artist’s host and creative home. Artists will be provided university housing and receive a stipend to cover project expenses. Upon arrival each artist will also receive an orientation to the SLV region, including meeting several project partners who will offer community connections to the artist, beyond the university, during their stay. The orientation is designed to introduce the artists and the community to each other, to help influence the development of their projects, and allow each artist exposure to, and feedback from the community.

The Social Practice Residency supports the creation of a wide range of projects through a philosophy of immersive discovery, discussion, creative thinking, and collaboration. The residency is designed to allow the artists as much freedom as possible to create projects that address our civic and social needs; therefore, the rotating position is not strictly tied to a specific discipline or form. However, it is our goal to select three individuals each with a background in either visual art, music, or theater. At the end of their session, each artist is responsible for organizing a capstone event. We are open to a wide range of project outcomes including those that could be fully realized within the community or those that are tied to a more traditional gallery or performance venue. All artist projects are required to involve close collaboration with the community, with participants directly involved in the process and result of projects. Stipend $2300, Material Stipend $1000, Supported by NEA Challenge Grant

Elsewhere Residency
Greensboro, NC
Due: February 13
When: 2-4 weeks
What do you need: application form, 10 images, CV

Emmanuel College Artist in Residence
Boston, MA
Due: February 1
When: 8 weeks June-August
What do you need: Application form, Letter of intent: please describe your plan for your time at the residency, 10-20 digital images of work (2-4 MB jpeg, 300 dpi), Artist statement, CV

Harpo Foundation Emerging Artist Residency Fellowship
Santa Fe, NM
Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI)
Due: October 1
When: 1 month

Laboratory Residency
Spokane, WA
Laboratory Residency
Due: 18 November 2016
When: 1-3 month spring residencies between 01 March 2017 and 31 May 2017

MoCNA Social Engagement Residency Program
For Native Artists
Santa Fe, NM

Recess Arts
SoHo, New York City, NY
Due: March 16
When: 2 months of your choosing
What you need: project proposal, proposed budget, work samples, image list, CV, and references

Webb School of Knoxville Artist Residency
Knoxville, TN
Due: March 1
When: 5 weeks October or February
What do you need: letter of intent, resume, references, 10 images of your own work

Women’s Studio Workshop Studio Residency Grant
Rosendale, NY
Due: February 1
When: 6-8 weeks September-June
What do you need: description of the project, including the studio you’d like to work in (200 words), resume, 10 images of recent work (digital specifications here), and an image script, which should include title, medium, dimension, and date of each image

COREAlign– Reproductive health organization with 3 fellowships that an artist could apply for: Generative Fellowship, Speaking Race to Power Fellowship, and Innovation Lab