The Mobile Anagama Company

by Henry Crissman Built in 1892, the Terra Cotta Building was constructed as an innovative business model, to serve as both the office and the showroom of the Celadon Terra Cotta Company; the showroom being the exterior of the building itself. Its form was an advertisement for its service, and that idea was considered so brilliant that a second terracotta building was built for the 1893 Worlds Fair in Chicago, IL and it received the top price in its category.Read more

Collective Confluence

By Brian Kluge Collective Confluence is a participatory collaborative exhibition space where our intersection during our three-day NCECA experience can be manifest physically and made plain to see. Part sociology, part archaeology, and part aesthetic experiment, this transitory installation depends upon your involvement to become a collaborative composition representative of this unique intersection. Participants in this project have the opportunity to impress their path on a 15’x15’ floor of wet clay tiles. Prior to walking on the tile floor, participantsRead more

Partake Columbus

by Jeni Hansen Gard Partake Columbus is a project in shared eating. Spanning 33 days, the course of my master’s thesis exhibition, it brought together seven individuals from different neighborhoods throughout the city of Columbus, Ohio. Each individual was given a sharing set of dishes, a nestled set of ceramic dishes designed for two people. The participants committed to eating, drinking, and sharing a meal with someone each day for the duration of the exhibition. Partake Columbus uses ceramic dishesRead more