Collective Confluence

By Brian Kluge

Collective Confluence is a participatory collaborative exhibition space where our intersection during our three-day NCECA experience can be manifest physically and made plain to see. Part sociology, part archaeology, and part aesthetic experiment, this transitory installation depends upon your involvement to become a collaborative composition representative of this unique intersection. Participants in this project have the opportunity to impress their path on a 15’x15’ floor of wet clay tiles. Prior to walking on the tile floor, participants will have the option to create a small clay tribute to a personally relevant work of art or whatever else they may feel moved to make. (Basic tools, a variety of clays, and a table space are at hand to facilitate this production.) Makers will then place their creation in a location of their choosing upon the tiled area. Over the course of the installation, the cumulative effect of each person’s footprints, the on-site making, and collective curation of participant objects will yield an audience-specific composition.

Check out Brian’s work in the 2016 Kansas City NCECA project space!

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