“The Seed Bank Project” by Rachael Marne Jones

The Seed Bank Project explores the importance of local ecologies by researching, and planting multi- generational seed banks that encourage a heightened awareness of ecological stewardship among local communities. I cast the seed banks from locally sourced granite rocks in porcelain; the forms are hollow with a double wall for insulation and a water-tight, air-tight screw-top, sealed in beeswax. They also are equipped with a chain and small “Indicator rock.” (See figures 1-3.) I chose to use rock forms toRead more

Craft and Resistance: Continuing the Conversation from CAA

On February 22, collective members nicole gugliotti and Mary Callahan Baumstark participated in a panel chaired by friend of the collective, Elizabeth Kozlowski at the College Art Association entitled “Craft and Resistance.” In an effort to continue ongoing conversations about the role of craft in resistance, we’ve established this blog post as a forum. After the panel, details will be added.    Read more

Join the Socially Engaged Craft Collective!

Have you wondered about joining the SECC? Are you interested in advocating for and displaying new socially engaged craft? Are you a maker or writer working in the field? We would love to have you! The SECC is growing, and currently accepting applications for our 2 (two) different kinds of membership: Website Artists and Collective Artists. Before applying, read our collective bylaws here. The SECC offers opportunities for socially engaged craft artists to exhibit, write, collaborate, organize, and so muchRead more

A Radical Politics of Interdependency, Care, and Art: Meow Wolf and “The House of Eternal Return”

The following article  on Artsy caught the attention of the SECC this week, especially as we celebrate our 3 years as a collective (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT). https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-140-person-art-collective-pursuing-alternative-model-artists-living Meow Wolf is an arts collective based out of Santa Fe with more than 100 members working in a variety of disciplines. With the opening of their first permanent installation, “The House of Eternal Return,” the collective has been able to employ about 140 people in the arts, and arts-adjacent fields. With theRead more

Opportunity! Summer course and residency at KSMoCA in Portland, OR

Join the King School Museum of Art (KSMoCA) summer course and residency program to participate in a collaborative, socially-engaged art project with PSU’s Art & Social Practice Program and MLK Jr School (a K-8 public school in NE Portland). Over the course of 4 weeks, program participants will act as Artists In Residence at KSMoCA to produce the KSMoCA International Art Fair. The art fair will include a group of 25 elementary school student “docents” and a group of artRead more

“Social Objects” at the c3:initiative in Portland, OR for NCECA 2017!

I think we’re still recovering from NCECA 2017: Future/Flux in Portland, OR! “Social Objects,” an exhibition from the SECC and c3:initiative was a rousing success, with a rockin’ opening reception, and continued engagement throughout the month. From the press release: This exhibition includes works from 14 members of the SECC who represent a wide range of practices and approaches. Works include Holly Hanessian’s “Touch Sensorium,” an installation work which invites visitors to explore tactile sensations through clay, Forrest Sincoff Gard’s “WaffleRead more

SECC at NCECA 2017 in Portland, Oregon

The SECC is super excited for NCECA 2017 in Portland, OR, Future Flux.  The collective has an exhibition, Social Objects, but THAT’S NOT ALL! See below for our list of Socially Engaged MUST See’s at NCECA this year. We look forward to (re)connecting with our friends, see you there!! Did we miss anything?? Tweet at us, facebook us, or mention it in the comments! Social Objects (exhibition) at c3:Initiative Opening: Thursday, March 23, 2017, 5- 9 pm This exhibition includes works from 14 members of the SECCRead more

Walls of Welcome at NCECA

Hi folks! The SECC is dedicated to featuring socially engaged craft artworks, and we’re bringing you a FUTURE project that you can participate in during NCECA 2017. This project comes to us from Lauryn Axelrod. CALL FOR ENTRIES #WALLSOFWELCOME at NCECA The #WallsofWelcome Project Donald Trump wants to build a wall – a wall of bigotry, hate, exclusion and fear. His wall sends a loud, clear message both to people at home and abroad that says, “You aren’t welcome here.”Read more

The Onngi Project

The SECC is proud to showcase and highlight works of Socially Engaged Craft. Today, we’d like to highlight the work of Aletheia Hyun-Jin Shin, a community Korean artist. This project was a collaboration with a Korean senior community addresses issues of history, sustenance, and the complex narratives of the Korean community in Baltimore. The Onngi Project is a series of traditional Korean vessels created in collaboration with a Korean senior community in Baltimore. As Onngi is a significant vessel formRead more

Theaster Gates at the Akron Museum of Art

On September 14th, 2016, the Akron Museum of Art hosted a musical performance, “A Cultural Revival,” featuring Theaster Gates and two members of the Black Monks of Mississippi. The experimental ensemble Gates has put together combines elements of Eastern, gospel an soulful blues influence. Theaster Gates is an artist who works in a disparate practice that combines skills in urban planning, architecture, community organizing and building, activism and ceramics. The Akron Art Museum’s programming with Gates is part of their “ongoing initiativeRead more

Both Artist and Mother

by Kate Fisher In our contemporary ceramic community many women have gracefully tackled the lively experiment that is being both artist and mother. Mothering is a complex subject that touches many aspects of an artist’s life and practice. These dual roles simultaneously impact each other both practically and conceptually. As many women have discovered, to experience maternity is to epitomize the vessel. This along with clay’s often-recognized metaphoric relationship to the stages of life itself, provides artists who utilize clayRead more

Concept=Material; Material=Concept: Balancing the Equation to Define Socially Engaged Craft

By Shannon H. Waldman Socially Engaged Craft=object+concept+activism Socially Engaged Craft (SEC) is the materiality of an idea realized in objects as well as conversation. It cannot exist without the tangible, but is rooted in the conceptual. There is much to the equation of defining SEC that needs spelling out in order to define what exactly practitioners of SEC are trying to “solve”. This is an attempt to give some formula to the work of SEC artists done with the knowledgeRead more

Two projects by Elizabeth DiDonna

by Elizabeth DiDonna Progress I combined personal, historical and material memories in Progress, performed at Working Method Contemporary Gallery in Tallahassee in 2011. In this four-hour piece, an organic, structural “framework” of unfired clay was built clay onto my body and the chair, starting at the feet and ending at my neck. Simultaneously, a series of participant performers selected from a series of books that I chose related to the concept of progress. Performers sat in the chair opposite me andRead more

St. Olaf College – Ron Gallas Cup Library

By: Kate Fisher (Cup Library Advisor) Description: Mission: The aim of the Ron Gallas Cup Library is to make handmade ceramic cups more accessible to the St. Olaf community and, in doing so; build an appreciation for and awareness of the tradition of handmade functional pottery through tactile observation. Why Here? Minnesota is home to a rich tradition and community of ceramic artists. To them, using handmade objects is an essential way to communicate and learn from one another. WhileRead more

Participatory Works of David Medalla

by Summer Zickefoose   David Medalla’s repertoire of art forms and methods is vast; he is rightfully considered a pioneer of kinetic, earth, performance, participation and conceptual art. Two of his participatory works, Porcelain Wedding and A Stitch in Time, seem particularly relevant to a contemporary conversation about socially engaged and participatory art practices. Medalla’s participatory artworks followed his better-known series of kinetic and ephemeral Bubble Machines of the 1960’s. In the bubble machine works, the machines created forms thatRead more