“Social Objects” at the c3:initiative in Portland, OR for NCECA 2017!

I think we’re still recovering from NCECA 2017: Future/Flux in Portland, OR!

from the SECC, Social Objects:  Essays, Interviews, Projects and Interventions on Socially Engaged Craft, the first book to focus on Socially Engaged Craft. Grab your copy here

“Social Objects,” an exhibition from the SECC and c3:initiative was a rousing success, with a rockin’ opening reception, and continued engagement throughout the month.

A participatory tea party with Anna Metcalfe’s project “Upstream”

From the press release:

This exhibition includes works from 14 members of the SECC who represent a wide range of practices and approaches. Works include Holly Hanessian’s “Touch Sensorium,” an installation work which invites visitors to explore tactile sensations through clay, Forrest Sincoff Gard’s “Waffle Toss,” a participatory pay­-to-play game involving ceramic waffles and a foam toaster, Amanda Leigh Evans’ “From and To Dust,” a long­term collaborative urn project exploring death and dying with individuals in the greater Portland area, and M.C. Baumstark’s “Menstrual Cup Project,” a fun, de­stigmatizing performance with cocktails and souvenir ceramic menstrual cups to casually approach menstruation and its cultural connotations.
Other works will move beyond c3’s physical location such as Nicole Seisler’s” Studio Souvenirs,” a series of pressed porcelain blocks that record specific moments in the artist’s visit to Portland, Jeni Hansen Gard and Lauren Karle’s “Weaving Dialogues,” a tea and conversation project that invites strangers to share an intimate conversation though a guided question left behind from the previous conversation, Anna Metcalfe’s “Upstream,” a cup exchange project exploring the Willamette River Watershed, and Nicole Gugliotti’s “10690 Wild Flowers,” honors the story of each person accessing abortion services in Oregon (10,690 individuals last year) and raises money for those who are denied access.

Viewers engaged with Henry Haver Crissman and Hamilton Poe’s collaborative project 

The exhibited artists included Mary Callahan Baumstark, Henry Crissman, Amanda Leigh Evans, Nicole Gugliotti, Holly Hanessian, Jeni Hansen Gard & Lauren Karle, Anna Metcalfe, Cheyenne Rudolph, Nicole Seisler, Forrest Sincoff Gard, Michael Strand, Juliette Walker, and Summer Zickefoose.

digital engagement with Amanda Leigh Evans’ “From and To Dust”
nicole gugliotti explains “”10690 Wild Flowers” to participants at the Social Objects opening
Cheyenne Chapman Rudolph invites participants to test her “Sassy Sippers”
“Waffle Toss” by Forrest Sincoff Gard


Participants engage with Summer Zickefoose’s work “Lift Up”


Participants take a menstrual cup shot in M.C. Baumstark’s “The Menstrual Cup Project”


Juliette Walker’s “We Are All In This Together”


Michael J. Strand’s “Cupumenical”
Jeni Hansen Gard and Lauren Karle’s “Weaving Dialogues”


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