Fairy Rings of the Midwest

  By Gregory Hatch Fairy Rings of the Mid-West A socially engaged project where I engage with LGBTQA groups to create queer space and markers of queer presence. Toadstools are constructed out of a material that has an industrial history with the community I partner with and are displayed in a public area, with an event that focuses on revitalization for the area. This project aims to give participants a creative voice, connect the past and present, and give a physical, thoughRead more

St. Olaf College – Ron Gallas Cup Library

By: Kate Fisher (Cup Library Advisor) Description: Mission: The aim of the Ron Gallas Cup Library is to make handmade ceramic cups more accessible to the St. Olaf community and, in doing so; build an appreciation for and awareness of the tradition of handmade functional pottery through tactile observation. Why Here? Minnesota is home to a rich tradition and community of ceramic artists. To them, using handmade objects is an essential way to communicate and learn from one another. WhileRead more


By Gregory Gavin Through his company RIVEROPOLIS, Gregory Gavin Creates large scale sculptural installations in public space – often containing running water – and invites the public to add to them spontaneously using a variety of arts and crafts materials. His goal is to reclaim art production as a social activity for both children and adults with the potential of luring people of diverse backgrounds into casual conversation and dialog. Serving as both lead artist and public facilitator, Gavin setsRead more


  By nicole gugliotti Hi all, I’m going to be sharing with you a transcript of the short talk we did at Open Engagement last week.  But first I’m going to give a little background and just a suuuuper brief summary of the weekend. Open Engagement is an annual conference that offers up 3 days of programming about socially engaged art.  The conference was founded by Jen Delos Reyes while she was a student at the University of Regina inRead more


by nicole gugliotti awe/agency began as the graduate thesis exhibition of nicole gugliotti.  images of the gallery exhibition can be seen here.  you can also see and hear the video and audio that was included in the installation. despite being legal in the united states, portrayals of abortion in pop culture and politics would have us believe that the choice is only acceptable when the alternative is self-destruction or worse. rarely is abortion portrayed as a smart, brave decision. peopleRead more