by nicole gugliotti

awe/agency began as the graduate thesis exhibition of nicole gugliotti.  images of the gallery exhibition can be seen here.  you can also see and hear the video and audio that was included in the installation.

despite being legal in the united states, portrayals of abortion in pop culture and politics would have us believe that the choice is only acceptable when the alternative is self-destruction or worse. rarely is abortion portrayed as a smart, brave decision. people who have had abortions are cast as villains or, more benevolently, victims and rarely as heroes of their own story. awe/agency seeks to combine formal beauty and wonder with pointed, direct content with the intent of offering an alternative model to the dominant narrative surrounding abortion in the U.S.

nicole gugliotti is an artist and abortion services worker.  she recently completed her mfa at the university of florida.

more information about the project can be found on the website

more information about the artist can be found at


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