Juliette Walker

Juliette Walker, Wiscasset, ME, USA

Juliette Walker was born in Madison, Wisconsin, and received a BA in Studio Art from Pomona College in 2013. In 2015-16 she was a Post Baccalaureate student in Ceramics at University of Wisconsin-Madison. In 2016 she completed residencies at the Lussier Community Education Center in Madison and the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemét, Hungary. She is currently the Administrative Assistant at Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts in Newcastle, Maine. Her current work is focused on language and its overlap with craft objects and performance.


Artist Statement
Combining the sculptural with the performative, my art practice is socially based and often takes form as events, installations, and interactions. Working in ceramics allows me to combine the slow, rigorous, and collaborative ceramic processes with the often much more ephemeral and relational processes of performance and community engagement. I am specifically interested in the role of handmade ceramic objects in our modern world, and how they can carry ideas and start conversations.

Growing up in the Midwest of the United States, I observed and experienced a strong sense of hospitality and home from a very young age. The traditions and deeply rooted families that live in this region of the country fascinate me. Engaging with notions of hospitality, as well as what it means to belong, have been central focuses in my work. Hospitality as a theme allows for investigations into the power dynamics in my relationship to others, both those who feel like they belong and those who feel they do not belong. Handmade ceramic objects are tools in this exploration and aid in achieving a stronger understanding of place and community. The work I create allows for reflections on relationships between humans, objects, ideas and spaces.