2 responses to The Role of Performance in Socially Engaged Craft (and Art!)

  1. I find your historical references rather confusing. You veer from right wing Futurism, to Soviet constructivism, to depoliticised relational aesthetics, to left-leaning critical pedagogy.

    Most frightenly, you seem to forget that Boccioni, like the other Futurists, was a fascist! You should, perhaps, consider what the violence of Futurist actions entailed and what its objectives were…

    • Thanks for your comment! The historical examples were meant to just give some brief examples of the use of performance and participation in the avant-garde. Looking to the texts I mentioned, certainly the violence and politics of these groups were considered in depth, particularly in Bishop’s text.
      For our purposes, perhaps the violence of the Futurists points to future concerns within the avant-garde and social practice about the ethics of participation and the politics inherent within social engagement!
      It’s always necessary to consider the politics of art actions, and I appreciate your criticism!

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